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Marketing is about making the phone ring. That is all.

How much should a website cost?

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Your website directly affects the impression your customers have about your business…

Social media marketing

Social media marketing really works well – but only if it’s done properly. Find out how we do it…..


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Microsoft deleting mailboxes

Dear people…. Microsoft is not going to block or delete your email account. This email is a scam – as is any other email that asks you to login to prevent your account being blocked. Always check with me or your provider before giving Nigerians your login details

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Straight Forward Honest Advice

At Silkwire Media, we don’t do sales pitches or psycological trickery. We tell you the unvarnished truth as we see it. We are blessed to have enough clients that we can choose only to work with clients who are a good fit for us. We don’t do unhappy clients.